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A Heart of Learning

This original work is an expression of deep gratitude for the teachers who share their “heart” for our good. Their dedication helps challenge us to discovering the joy in learning and becoming fully who we are meant to be.

Bluebonnet Sonrise

On Easter Sunday 2015, it was evident (early on) there would be no sunrise to observe, let alone, paint in Boerne, Texas. It was a cloudy and misty morning. Determined to join my art buddies’ cross-country, Easter sunrise, paint-out tradition, a quote by C.S. Lewis came to mind that inspired me to capture the atmospheric […]

Bormann Rhapsody

While sitting easy under the shade of spanning live oak branches, surrounded by the illusion of fading blue hills, and feeling the breath of early spring gently blowing on my face, I took in a delightful afternoon at one of Amber’s musical events. Some of the beauty I experienced was seeing my own daughter interact […]

Cibolo Creek Cypress

This is where I stand. Or, at least, where I stood—shortly before the debate flared up. For those unaware, there’s been a debate swirling around our small town over the preservation of the Cibolo Creek in light of the new mixed-use development (known as 17 Herff) under construction alongside the Cibolo Creek. Boerne residents, this […]

Dancing with Daddy

I’ve been so fortunate being father to the girls who call me Daddy. How special are the moments that move our souls to dance; I love ‘em. This original work of art was rendered as a fundraising effort for the annual Daddy Daughter Dance hosted by Geneva School of Boerne. My fundraising participation in this […]

Love’s Abstract Formation

On Valentine’s Day of this year (2019), I was able to get back to some painting, and had some fun exercising in brushwork, edges, color, balance, rhythm, formation, and a bit of abstraction. My inspiration was the motive behind Valentine’s celebration. LOVE is the greatest thing, and its very nature is that which continues leading […]

Main Plaza Pride

Located in the heart of Boerne, Main Plaza remains the community park it was designated (in 1852) to be. Just drop in at any one of our community events to see Boerne life on full display: Boerne Berges Fest, Boerne Village Band Concerts, Movie in the Park, Market Days (second Saturday of each month), Kendall […]

Refiner’s Fire

In the early years of my singing (coinciding with the early years of my marriage), I closely followed the ministry of Christian recording artist Steve Green. Not only did his voice appeal to my ear and tenor-range aspirations, but his message of God’s all-sufficient grace (beyond “salvation”) was something new to my heart. And that’s […]

Wishing on a Star

In attempt to illustrate the theme, “Wish Upon a Star,” for our school’s annual Daddy Daughter Dance, I drew on an experience I shared with my youngest child… One early summer morning, my daughter and I arose to watch a meteor shower passing by. There we were in the comfort of our back yard as […]

First Baptist Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden at First Baptist Boerne is a place (in my hometown) I find solitude for reflection, prayer, and painting. Here are some images from my enjoyment there.

Portrait Sketches

Portrait sketches like these (charcoal, conté crayon, or graphite) are a great way to capture the essence of that special friend, loved one, or beloved pet in your life. Commissioning such a work is not difficult. My process begins with a conversation (preferably over coffee or something delicious) to discuss who the subject/s is/are, the […]

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